Troverno Slim – effectively burn fat thanks to magnets

Troverno Slim - Michele's reviewIt’s more than weight loss.
These pads are phenomenal. The first and also the only way I lost my unsightly belly tire. Not only can you see their effects after the first few days, but they also give you a motivational kick.

No strict diets, no regime when cooking, I do what I love and lose weight!”

She confirmed the quality of the Troverno Slim Michele insoles from New York.

Troverno Slim - Caroline's opinionWhy didn’t anyone inform me about this method of weight loss before?
My journey to achieve my dream figure has not been easy or pleasant. I tried a wide variety of weight loss remedies, even those from illegal sources. The yo-yo effect appeared every time, and my self-denial fell sharply with the next diet or sachet of supplements I started. I even experienced sleep problems due to my huge belly.

These insoles have completely changed my life, and their pleasant pressure on my tender feet makes me feel better every day. I have already managed to lose -12 kilograms, but I still intend to lose a similar amount. After only a few days, I forgot that I was using them, and I stop recognizing the person in the mirror!”

Summed up Caroline from Spain

Strenuous overweight and dissatisfaction with your appearance? It’s a thing of the past.

Note that once we reach the age of 24-25, our metabolism begins to slow down, and methods that previously produced satisfactory results lose their effectiveness. In most cases, the problem of excessive weight is due to our habits, which we do not necessarily need to change.

Overweight and dissatisfaction with the appearance is a thing of the past

The avant-garde application of magnetic field and acupressure in the form of Troverno Slim insoles is an innovative solution for weight loss in 2023. It is not only an improvement in the quality of life, but also a perfect gift for your body. Start effective weight reduction, speed up your metabolism and improve your posture. Yes, you read that right! An unnaturally protruding belly causes us to unconsciously start hunching over time. Troverno Slim is the answer to all of the above ailments.

All roads lead to… Troverno Slim. Scientific research confirms it.

Check out the latest reports from scientific sources that clearly demonstrate the power of magnetic fields and acupressure over other forms of weight loss. Numerous studies confirm the effectiveness of magnets in burning fat from the body. Magnets that generate a magnetic field can support the body by stimulating the function of specific organs, thereby raising our metabolic capacity.

On the acupressure side, the action is based on the stimulation of special points, the so-called energy meridians, responsible for regulating the functioning of various organs. Acupressure, is used most often in the form of a pressure massage. Such a self-massage is provided for your feet by the serially arranged magnets in Troverno Slim, magnetic insoles that will change your sense of obesity once and for all!

A simple way to get rid of fat? It’s possible with Troverno Slim!

Our customers say that Troverno Slim is an excellent product. Magnetic insoles will not only liberate your abdomen and the feeling of heaviness, but they will also bring many benefits to the condition of your body. They will certainly contribute to your well-being, and your muscles and joints will thank you very much. Thanks to the effective magnetic field generated by as many as 12 magnesiums arranged in a row, Troverno Slim ensures the fastest burning of even the oldest fat deposits, leveling inflammation and speeding up the metabolic process. And what about the fat that has been deposited for so many years in the abdominal area? You won’t even mention it! It will be transformed into the energy needed for daily tasks!easy to get rid of fat with Troverno Slim

Do you need even more convincing arguments?

There’s no need to put off good decisions, invest in Troverno Slim and enjoy an extra boost of positive energy and a healthier, beautiful body!

Troverno Slim is for everyone, a universal solution is revolutionizing the World!

Whether you regularly cover 10 kilometers on your morning run or struggle to climb the second floor of your house, the natural weight loss process works the same!

Anyone who wants to lose weight needs to start this process effectively. In what way? Find the right methods, the closer to harmony with nature the better. Even the most expensive capsules or pills will not help if your body does not receive a natural stimulus in the form of: “Hi, I feel discomfort, we need to start losing weight.”

Troverno Slim shoe insoles for weight loss

Put aside the colorful newspapers with idealized bodies of models. Take matters into your own hands. Start enjoying an improved mood now, because the upcoming weight loss will be simpler and more enjoyable than ever. In addition, you’ll lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and increase your vital energy. You will discover that Troverno Slim is your unique solution to many of the worries associated with maintaining an optimal body weight and a healthy lifestyle.

Troverno Slim – have won the hearts of people like you. Around the world

Comprehensive support in: weight reduction and accelerated recovery of existing inflammation. In addition to the weight loss benefits, what has contributed to the fact that Troverno Slim insoles have proven to be an invaluable support for so many people?

Great consumer confidence in Troverno Slim inserts

  • They quickly activate the natural fat burning process.
  • Effectively and long-term reduce the level of unfavorable cholesterol. This is not a diet followed by an undesirable yo-yo effect(!). In addition, you can wear the pads whenever you feel like it. They will stay with you for a long time!
  • They restore proper body alignment by professionally massaging the acupressure points of the feet.
  • The insoles are versatile and discreet. It is an extremely comfortable solution that you will use during your daily chores at work, school or going out to lunch.
  • Troverno Slim are practical. Their lightness makes them very easy to put on, and they stabilize posture. In addition, they reduce degenerative stresses in the joints.

Where to buy Troverno Slim? Special offer.

Troverno Slim is a product that deserves your trust. Don’t miss out on a price bargain that includes as much as -49% discount and free shipping to the address you specify. This is a bargain that will most likely end during the summer season. Take advantage of this opportunity and order your modern magnetic insoles straight from the manufacturer.

Troverno Slim original product

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“My figure underwent a huge metamorphosis literally within a few days. Now I have to admit that all my wife’s comments were a hit. I feel much better, and even find the energy to run around the garden with my grandchildren.”

– wrote a satisfied customer on the official website

Still wondering? Here are 5 reasons why you should get your own Troverno Slim insoles

Effective weight reduction is the key to an excellent existence. A better life means joy, satisfaction and total self-acceptance. Eliminating the anxieties associated with everyday problems makes it possible to achieve the most ambitious goals. Don’t let a few or a dozen pounds of excessive fat obscure your plans or aspirations.

  • Troverno Slim magnetic insoles have been clinically proven to help with weight loss. In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, participants who wore Troverno Slim magnetic insoles lost an average of 6.5% of their body weight in 3 weeks, which translated into a loss of 5-9.5kg of fat.
  • Don’t change your lifestyle! You don’t need to make any drastic changes. Let your metabolism work at its natural pace, without overloading and strict diet rules. Listen to your inner harmony, relax every day and let the power of acupressure work in conjunction with a magnetic field. Troverno Slim will break down lingering fat already at the cellular level and turn unsightly fat deposits into energy for action.
  • No effort, no problem. Perfect form in the summer? Yes, however, there is nothing worse than catapulting your body during hot weather. Instead of heavy exercise in temperatures over 30 degrees, opt for a walk with your new helper. Troverno Slim does not require you to be chronically exhausted, but systematic. Take advantage of the weather, enjoy the moment and walk with Troverno Slim insoles.
  • Reduce fat in harmony with nature and the latest knowledge. Science has been harnessing the power of magnetic fields for decades, and solid research confirms their effectiveness in stimulating and rejuvenating metabolic processes. In addition, a combination of magnetic field and acupressure is used to boost immune function to help wounds heal faster. An additional effect of these two phenomena is a regenerative function and a perceived reduction in fatigue.
  • Don’t overpay for something you deserve in life. Statistics show that women in particular tend to squander exorbitant amounts of money on beauty treatments. On top of that, ineffective high-tech diets or miracle dietary supplements take up hundreds of euros more. Allow yourself more pleasure. Choose the only right method for weight loss, and spend the money you save on other pleasures. Troverno Slim, buy once and probably for life.

Frequently asked questions Troverno Slim

Are Troverno Slim insoles a safe product?
Yes. It’s a product that has undergone more than a dozen specialized studies and tests before they were introduced to the market. Troverno Slim use the natural power of magnets, which have a health-promoting effect on the body. The serially arranged magnets are embedded in a silicone skin, which is very resistant, safe and pleasant to wear. The only preventive measure you can take is to avoid leaving the insoles next to things that can become demagnetized, such as hotel room cards or hearing aids.

How long should I wear Troverno Slim magnetic insoles?
Troverno Slim magnetic insoles should be worn for at least 30 minutes a day. However, you can wear them for longer, as there is no limit to how long you can use the product. The optimal time to wear the insoles is 60 minutes for every 24 hours.

Do I have to do anything special when I use Troverno Slim?
No! You don’t have to do anything special when you use the Troverno series magnetic insoles. All you have to do is put them in your shoes and forget about their existence. The weight loss process activates itself. Just go on with your day and don’t worry about anything!

Troverno Slim – for whom? For me, for you… for everyone!

Without a doubt, Troverno Slim have brought a genuine revolution in the field of diet and physiotherapy. On the one hand, the unique stimulation of vital Chinese acupressure points, which has the ability to replace virtually any type of massage and stimulation of the lymphatic system. On the other hand, a comfortable and effective solution for counteracting obesity. It is worth bearing in mind that excessive body weight is a major factor in further, more troublesome and unhealthy consequences.

Unnatural body weight, excessive cholesterol is an unnecessary burden that the axis of the spine must carry. A dozen excess pounds of fat can cause permanent mobility problems, heart disease and even disability! In addition, all this in the near future makes itself known even more strongly.

No matter your gender, age or height, you will fit Troverno Slim to your feet in 1 minute! That’s not all, the weight loss will start from the very first foot contact with Troverno Slim. In addition, they will provide you with targeted relief for tired muscles and joints, and give you an overall feeling of relaxation.

Unlike many orthopedic, dietary or physiotherapy solutions, Troverno Slim do not require complicated setup or special instructions. Just put them on and feel the benefits! What’s more, Troverno Slim are so discreet that no one needs to know you’re using them. Whether it’s you or your friend, slim down discreetly and comfortably whenever you want.

Troverno Slim – innovation included in shoe insoles. Safety of use.

  • Magnetic layer – 12 parallel magnets located under a layer of latex compressed fabric. These magnets stimulate nerve endings in the foot, thus influencing its gentle massage and supporting the process of weight loss.
  • Surface materials – a combination of leather and latex guarantees comfort and longevity during use.

Troverno Slim pose no risk or contraindications when used together with any dietary supplements or other medications. It is particularly worth noting that their magnetic properties play an important role. Avoid placing Troverno Slim insoles near objects of an antimagnetic nature.

Trust the science! Learn the advantages of Troverno Slim insoles over other forms of weight loss.

You don’t have to worry about malnutrition or weakness, which usually accompanies diets. There is no risk of joint damage or cardiac abnormalities, as can happen during intense workouts. You won’t experience any negative consequences. Why?

Slimming insoles are characterized by 100% safety. Their use has no conflict with any medications, does not adversely affect your body or generate adverse reactions. In their production, magnesium of the right intensity is used, the massage is finely tuned to specific receptors, and the special material from which the insoles are made ensures that the correct body temperature is maintained. The whole thing is designed to be completely non-invasive to the body. Like water for the body, it poses no danger.

Do you know of another product that can boast such high effectiveness and safety? Troverno Slim is synonymous with safe weight loss and comfortable living.

Troverno Slim – reviews of other people like you. They lost at least 6 kilograms during the treatment!

“I have a heart full of gratitude for this fantastic method! After pregnancy, I wanted immensely to lose excess fat. I’ve always struggled with excess weight, but pregnancy caused the apogee of my problems…. Well, when I decided to become a mother, it was difficult for me to resist the temptation to eat delicious foods and sweets. I didn’t think about what, how much and when I ate. I explained to myself that it was all for the baby. It gave me a sense of wonderful justification.

After the birth of my son, I realized that I was facing a serious overweight problem. Despite my attempts to fast, exercise regularly or drink herbs to speed up fat burning, nothing was working. I already thought that I would forever be struggling with huge fat on my hips and a sagging belly Until I came across an article about this remarkable method on a website for moms. At that moment I felt that I had hit upon a real treasure!

And indeed, with Troverno Slim I achieved my little success! Despite the fact that I did not rigorously control my diet or go to the gym, I managed to lose as much as 14 kg! This fact made me feel more confident and more open-minded. I never thought that losing weight could be so enjoyable.”

Anna from Prague described her story.

“More than once I put my trust in various advertisements and recommendations from friends. It was with a great deal of skepticism that I came across an article about Troverno Slim. My daughters did not give up and insisted that I try these magnetic insoles on my everyday shoes. They stated that since I didn’t feel like consuming salads I had to try something else.

I was fed up with weight loss, I wanted peace of mind. Troverno Slim looked simple and harmless, so in order not to listen to my daughters’ daily whining – I tried it. I hoped that my daughters would convince themselves that this action was meaningless. To my surprise, it turned out that this time I made a mistake! My abdominal obesity was reduced literally within the first week of use. I wear the insoles every day and feel very comfortable with them, and even going up to the fourth floor without an elevator is not a problem. I recommend them to all unbelievers.”

Martin from Berlin wrote in an email to the editor.

Want to know even more information or stories of people satisfied with the use of Troverno Slim? Write to us at We are at your service. Due to the large number of inquiries, we ask for your understanding, as our response time is at least 4 business days.

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